My first entry for LPL11, Round One.

First Congo Game

Some friends and me played our first Congo game last month. I’ve made some shots, sorry, not the best ones and not too many, we’ve spent a lot of time checking the rules and learning how to play. Nevertheless we had a great time playing this game and enjoyed the evening. Now I’m quite hooked… Read more »

RAFM Skeletal Troll

My first post in this year, not much but something I like a lot, a miniature sculpted by Bob Murch back in those days as he was working for RAFM. Bob did some really amazing miniatures for them, I particularly love their Undead range which is full of gems like this one. Btw, It’s also… Read more »

The Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club and TYW

LPL is over, long live The Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club! A new challenge over on LAF, a nice opportunity to decompress after the depths of LPL :) Missing out on all that fun would be of course out of question for me and so I jumped in. Some time ago, I was infected… Read more »

Space Hulk

Well, the Lead Painters league Season 10 is over. I’m kind of sad about it, it has been a significant part of my hobby life for the last months, including the winter time before the season that I’ve spent painting this huge lot of figures. But everything comes to an ende at some point and… Read more »

The Bedlam Brotherhood

As you probably noticed, I’m a guy with many interests across our beloved hobby. One of them, of course, is the dark corner called Gothic Horror. Although it’s been a while since I’ve painted something going into this scary direction. And thus I’ve thought the LPL this year would be a nice opportunity to revamp this genre… Read more »

In the Holy Land

A new topic on this blog, just back from the ninth round of LPL , finally something historical again! The 1st Crusade. For this one I’ve painted three of Perry packs from their beautiful 1st Crusade range. Some connection to one of my previous LPL entries can probably be seen. I sincerely hope that I’ll… Read more »

Somewhere in Manchuria

Kind of a large update today with a lot of newly painted miniatures and new terrain. First I have to thank to a nice LAF fellow Hombre who built for me all that new beautiful stuff used in this scene. The houses are loosely based on the buildings from the movie The Good, the Bad,… Read more »

The Landing Party

This week a bit more of science fiction – The Landing Party. This was my LPL entry for the Round 7. The idea was born with that old Perry Rhodan space ship model kit you can see in the background of the picture. I wanted to have it in one of my LPL entries and… Read more »

The Galaxy Council

Last week at LPL I’ve brought a change into my usual choice of themes and tried it with a sci-fi setting. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of various sci-fi miniatures and LPL seemed to me to be a nice opportunity to get painted at least some of them. The beginning of the idea… Read more »

  • WIP from beyond – Sail ahoy!

    For some reason, no idea why, maybe due to season or some strange solar activity, I’ve stopped all my running projects (and there are quite a few) and started something completely new. I’ve started building a little vignette. Perhaps I’ve done too many miniatures for wargaming already, this time I’m going to do something just… Read more »

  • Tesla Gun for the Ms.Red

    and finally the fourth and the last Steam-Punk lady for the moment, Ms.Red!    

  • 40K Madness – The Bad Guys

    Time to introduce some bad guys as opposition to the righteous representatives of Holy Inquisition, shown here a few weeks ago. We are going with some Chaos Renegades now . The models are by Forge World, sculpted by Mark Bedford. I’ve tried to keep their color schemes darker and dirtier with some elements of green as… Read more »

  • Ms.Purple, the Gunslinger

    The next Steam-Punk lady, the infamous gunslinger Ms.Purple!

  • Steam-Punk Fire Thrower

    Today some preview of a coming LAM miniature. The first of the Steam-Punk girls I’m currently painting, the fury of Whitechappel, the dangerous Ms.Blue! Fun to paint and a lovely character.  

  • Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Death Cult

    Another project, made over the last weeks, a pulpish Death Cult for the gaming with the “Von Unaussprechlchen Kulten” rules. The rules are sort of a spin-off of “Strange Aeons”, a great rules set handling Investigators, and all that Cthulhu stuff. Can only recommend it as the rules are easy to learn and fun to… Read more »

  • Chinese Bandits

    Last weekend I’ve been visited by some friends of mine. We had some games, some painting party and the guys kindly did make some conversions for my running BoB project. Something like these two Chinese (Obelisk civilian on the left and Bob Murch’s Tong gansgter on the right): or this Foundry Ex-Askari, now a Chinese… Read more »

  • Prof.Witchheimer , young Indiana Jones and a Bounty Hunter

    This very special Back of Beyond Prof was a gift from Lt.Hazel (LAF) who did convert him out of the Prof.Witchheimer miniature (LAM). He also painted him very nicely. Thanks, Jan, love your creation :) And another conversion is following Prof, a young Indiana Jones! I’ve made him out of a Bob Murch miniature. Prof… Read more »

  • Mad Baron and Chinese Bounty Hunter conversion

    Roman Nikolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg, also known as Mad Baron. To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of this Copplestone’s interpretation of the baron. I would prefer a more uniformed version and one day I will be converting one for sure. Though for the moment this one should be enough for my progress…. Read more »

  • Somewhere on Terra, 39000 A.D. – Inquisition

    Some years ago I’ve started collecting of 40K miniatures related to the Holy Orders of Imperial Inquisition. Yes, collecting, not gaming. Though I don’t mind an occasional game from time to time it’s not my first priority at all. I’m more into the aesthetic side of the things here. I like the background story, I… Read more »

  • Shanghai Li vs. Marina Semenova

    We were talking about female BoB miniatures and their prototypes in the Corto Maltese comics on LAF today and I’ve decided to make some shots of these two lovely females in my collection. I’ve presented Marina Semenova to you yesterday (the very nice miniature on the right, made by Bob Murch) and here comes her opponent Shanghai Li,… Read more »

  • Duchess Marina Semenova

    Marina Semenova is a cold and beautiful russian noblewoman who appears in the Corto Maltese comics. There she has some business in Manchuria and plays one of the main roles in the “Corto Maltese in Siberia” book. I was immediately thinking of her seeing this lovely Bob Murch sculpt. Okay, I’ve changed the hair color… Read more »

  • Somewhere in Outer Mongolia, 1921 A.D.

    Well, sorry, it’s been a while again, I’ve had some sort of a hobby break due to private matters. But in the meantime I’m quite back in the saddle and starting regular updates here on the blog again. As part of LAF “It’s alive” Project I am going to revive my old Back of Beyond… Read more »

  • Palmyrans

    This update could be the beginning of a 3rd century project, at least I would like to see it going at some point. Anyway, today we are going to the kingdom of Palmyra. This bunch of miniatures had been painted for the recent Lead Painters League on LAF. They are from A&A miniatures and sculpted by… Read more »

  • Rhinoceros

    If you love adventure you really don’t want to miss The Colonial Painting Expedition started on Lead Adventure Forum.  My first contribution for this is that lovely Rhino, made by Mark Copplestone and currently not available through his webstore as far as i know. Really happy I did get one. Ceratotherium simum cottoni, subspecies Northern… Read more »


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