My first entry for LPL11, Round One.

First Congo Game

Some friends and me played our first Congo game last month. I’ve made some shots, sorry, not the best ones and not too many, we’ve spent a lot of time checking the rules and learning how to play. Nevertheless we had a great time playing this game and enjoyed the evening. Now I’m quite hooked… Read more »

RAFM Skeletal Troll

My first post in this year, not much but something I like a lot, a miniature sculpted by Bob Murch back in those days as he was working for RAFM. Bob did some really amazing miniatures for them, I particularly love their Undead range which is full of gems like this one. Btw, It’s also… Read more »

The Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club and TYW

LPL is over, long live The Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club! A new challenge over on LAF, a nice opportunity to decompress after the depths of LPL :) Missing out on all that fun would be of course out of question for me and so I jumped in. Some time ago, I was infected… Read more »

Space Hulk

Well, the Lead Painters league Season 10 is over. I’m kind of sad about it, it has been a significant part of my hobby life for the last months, including the winter time before the season that I’ve spent painting this huge lot of figures. But everything comes to an ende at some point and… Read more »

The Bedlam Brotherhood

As you probably noticed, I’m a guy with many interests across our beloved hobby. One of them, of course, is the dark corner called Gothic Horror. Although it’s been a while since I’ve painted something going into this scary direction. And thus I’ve thought the LPL this year would be a nice opportunity to revamp this genre… Read more »

In the Holy Land

A new topic on this blog, just back from the ninth round of LPL , finally something historical again! The 1st Crusade. For this one I’ve painted three of Perry packs from their beautiful 1st Crusade range. Some connection to one of my previous LPL entries can probably be seen. I sincerely hope that I’ll… Read more »

Somewhere in Manchuria

Kind of a large update today with a lot of newly painted miniatures and new terrain. First I have to thank to a nice LAF fellow Hombre who built for me all that new beautiful stuff used in this scene. The houses are loosely based on the buildings from the movie The Good, the Bad,… Read more »

The Landing Party

This week a bit more of science fiction – The Landing Party. This was my LPL entry for the Round 7. The idea was born with that old Perry Rhodan space ship model kit you can see in the background of the picture. I wanted to have it in one of my LPL entries and… Read more »

The Galaxy Council

Last week at LPL I’ve brought a change into my usual choice of themes and tried it with a sci-fi setting. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of various sci-fi miniatures and LPL seemed to me to be a nice opportunity to get painted at least some of them. The beginning of the idea… Read more »

  • The Dark Knight of Arkham

    Done! I’ve painted my first miniature of Batman, yeah! I’m so glad because I was a bit struggling to start him but once started, it went on. Looking for a color scheme, my first idea was one of a completely black Batman, like in the recent movies but miniatures painted completely black can sometimes look a… Read more »

  • The Antithesis of Batman

    The antithesis of Batman? Of course, I’m talking of Joker, the ultimate villain in the comic book world. He actually has no super power abilities, he’s just a clever guy, liking Chemistry and some fun causing chaos on regular basis in the city of Gotham. Maybe a bit insane. Though I think I would be… Read more »

  • Two more Clowns for Batman

    I’ve been busy painting clowns this week and I mean really busy. Like mentioned I love the figures but they’re not only hard to assemble but also hard to paint. Too many little details, hardly recognisable as such, thus I had to make some compromises and decided to paint skin where perhaps no skin is and… Read more »

  • Inqusition day

    What a long day, as mentioned yesterday, I had to get up very early (4.00 AM), working all day, driving, drinking coffee, eating unhealthy foods, all that stuff that makes a man tired. But before I fall asleep with the Batman rule book in my hands, I’d like to show you some new pics providing… Read more »

  • The First Clown

    Not much to read today, I gotta get up very early in the morning but here I have some pictures of the first Joker Clown. I like the figure and I’m actually quite pleased with the painting job. Just what I intended…dirty, mean, dangerous. Hope you like.

  • WIP from beyond – Why so serious?

    I guess, it looks like some kind of a mental disease but as a matter of fact I’m starting another new project. Even in a bigger scale than usual. I’m leaving the god scale of 28mm (a relative thing nowadays anyway) indeed, just to dive into the shady world of Gotham and its inhabitants. Well, we’re… Read more »

  • Zombies sneaking through Witchtown!

    Take a guess, what are the odds that I would back off the current Zombicide Black Plague Kickstarter before it’s going to end? If you answer was “not much chance of that, dude” so you’re right. No chance at all. I probably never mentioned that on the sites of this blog but I like Zombicide… Read more »

  • Somewhere in Tibet

    Another LPL entry today, from the Round 7. I know, LPL is over (all 10 rounds) and I fell behind a bit, updating my blog. So here we go with something from the literal back of beyond in terms of wargaming of course. Some more of Copplestone miniatures, his splendid and my beloved Tibetans! Well,… Read more »

  • WIP from beyond – Giant Things

    Just to tease you a bit, here are some shots from my work desk. I can’t tell you why and I can’t tell how I came to the idea to paint some giants but I did. I like Giants, I really do, actually I always felt sorry for them as they’re obviously some of the… Read more »

  • Back to Germania

    No, I didn’t stop my Ancients activities and here’s definitive proof, some new Ancient Germans, painted for the Round 6 of the LPL. Admittedly, it hasn’t become my best entry in this season, actually one of the weakiest as due to lack of time I didn’t create a story as I’m usually trying to do,… Read more »

  • Chinese Bandits

    Another update for my Back of Beyond project, some Chinese Bandits. Most of them are Copplestone sculpts, only the one guy (red cap, armed with the double-barreled shotgun) is an older Foundry miniature, made by Perries and coming from the 19 century Chinese range. I thought he fits the gang quite nicely though. In the… Read more »

  • Jungle Hideaway

    Just some further Pulp adventurers today, from another Lead Painters League entry. Only five of the figures are newly painted, the rest has been painted on several occasions in the recent years. But I had much fun putting together a classical adventurous scene for this one. If you’ll find some little white spots on the… Read more »

  • Mad Guru

    Today some miniatures made by Bob Murch (Pulp Figures), the Thuggee, a gang of professional assassins in India: I’ve also done that little scene (actually my entry for the Round Two of the Lead Painters League) using these Thuggee and various other miniatures (Westwind, Brigade Games, Monolith Designs)

  • Somewhere in Oceania

    Well, that’s me again. After some private life turmoil  I’m back at the painting desk, not at least due to the Lead Painters League(LPL) over there on LAF.  In the last years participating at LPL, I’ve used to pick up a general theme for a whole season, like Ancients in the recent two leagues. This time I’ve decided… Read more »

  • WIP from beyond – Change of the protagonist

    Well, after some struggling and fence sitting I have decided to change the protagonist of my current project. The big mean Orc had to go and his place belongs to a big Ogre (manufacturer – Figone) now: I think he is just more appropriate for this role. Also I’ve brought some further players into the… Read more »


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