My first post in this year, not much but something I like a lot, a miniature sculpted by Bob Murch back in those days as he was working for RAFM. Bob did some really amazing miniatures for them, I particularly love their Undead range which is full of gems like this one. Btw, It’s also my first attempt to paint like John Blanche. I know I’m not John but I kinda like it.

Time to update this blog a bit more often so more to come, be sure, I’m painting a lot. For updates on my painting desk and WIP previews check Twitter, in the meantime I’m there to find as well (look for #witchheimer)

skeleton_undead_troll_1skeleton_undead_troll_4 skeleton_undead_troll_3 skeleton_undead_troll_2 skeleton_undead_troll_5

Written by Alex


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