LPL is over, long live The Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club! A new challenge over on LAF, a nice opportunity to decompress after the depths of LPL :) Missing out on all that fun would be of course out of question for me and so I jumped in. Some time ago, I was infected by a TYW (Thirty Years War) bug provided by Lt.Hazel and so this new Painting club could not have timed it better. I’ve already posted some stuff there, so today with some delay two first protagonists:

#002 Bohemian Veteran Musketeer, 8 November 1620, Battle of White Mountain, TYW (Horcata Miniatures)


#012 Protestant rebel, South Germany, TYW – Redoubt Miniatures



still 88 slots there, you know, one or more of them could be yours ;-)

Written by Alex


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