Well, the Lead Painters league Season 10 is over. I’m kind of sad about it, it has been a significant part of my hobby life for the last months, including the winter time before the season that I’ve spent painting this huge lot of figures. But everything comes to an ende at some point and it’s to time to llok for the next challenge and this will be the my next project and the next LAF Painting Club starting very soon.

For now let’s have some pictures of my last LPL entry, being about 40K universum and one of the most interesting parts of it, the Genestealer Cult..Looks like, as many, I’m also not completely immune to this special bug :)

geneastealers_space_hulk_00 geneastealers_space_hulk_08 geneastealers_space_hulk_01 geneastealers_space_hulk_02 geneastealers_space_hulk_03 geneastealers_space_hulk_05 geneastealers_space_hulk_04 geneastealers_space_hulk_06 geneastealers_space_hulk_07 geneastealers_space_hulk_13 geneastealers_space_hulk_12 geneastealers_space_hulk_10 geneastealers_space_hulk_11 geneastealers_space_hulk_09

Written by Alex



Absolutely outstanding work yet again Alex! You really had a run this year.Looking forward to your coming projects and the next incarnation of the LPL. I’m rather tempted to give it a go next time too.


Thank you very much. Yeah, it would be really great to have you in the LPL next year!! We absolutely need more nice photos of and scenes with your lovely painted miniatures :)

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