As you probably noticed, I’m a guy with many interests across our beloved hobby. One of them, of course, is the dark corner called Gothic Horror. Although it’s been a while since I’ve painted something going into this scary direction. And thus I’ve thought the LPL this year would be a nice opportunity to revamp this genre on the shelves of my vitrine and on the pages of my blog. My choice felt this time on the one of the Westwind Productions latest additions to their Empire of the Dead range, the Bedlam Brotherhood.


I always liked the figures of mad people, no idea why.. ) These I loved at the first glance, the characters are so…I don’t know, just cool :) and crazy of course..

Bedlam_Brotherhood_11 Bedlam_Brotherhood_10

Btw, here the older lunatics by Westwind (Vamprie Wars range) from my personal collection painted by me 12 years ago. Still very nice miniatures but I like the new ones even more.


Now some shots fron the LPL scene ans around, incl. the Westwind werewolves and vampires

Bedlam_Brotherhood_02 Bedlam_Brotherhood_03 Bedlam_Brotherhood_04 Bedlam_Brotherhood_05


Bedlam_Brotherhood_06 Bedlam_Brotherhood_09 Bedlam_Brotherhood_01



Written by Alex


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