A new topic on this blog, just back from the ninth round of LPL , finally something historical again! The 1st Crusade. For this one I’ve painted three of Perry packs from their beautiful 1st Crusade range. Some connection to one of my previous LPL entries can probably be seen.

I sincerely hope that I’ll find some time and motivation to stay on that fascinating topic for a while and continue this project in the next months or years. There are still lots of beautiful miniatures to paint in the mentioned Perry’s range.

first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_00 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_03 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_04 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_02 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_05 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_06 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_07 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_01 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_08 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_09 first_crusade_pilgrims_clergy_10

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