Kind of a large update today with a lot of newly painted miniatures and new terrain. First I have to thank to a nice LAF fellow Hombre who built for me all that new beautiful stuff used in this scene. The houses are loosely based on the buildings from the movie The Good, the Bad, the Weird¬†and actually that sort of stuff fits perfectly my ongoing BoB project. Again, thanks, Michael, your help is much appreciated! Speaking of figures, this has been my personal record in the LPL so far, I’ve painted 27 figures for this scene. Actually way too much and I didn’t manage to get them on all in the picture..

Anyway, not much time today for writing so let’s get started with pics.

back_of_beyond_ghost_town_00 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_01 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_04 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_03


back_of_beyond_ghost_town_05 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_07 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_10 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_08 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_16 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_14 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_17 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_18 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_15 back_of_beyond_ghost_town_19

Written by Alex


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