This week a bit more of science fiction – The Landing Party. This was my LPL entry for the Round 7. The idea was born with that old Perry Rhodan space ship model kit you can see in the background of the picture. I wanted to have it in one of my LPL entries and so I went to ebay and looked for the kit (meanwhile OOP). It’s not cheap in the meantime but I was quite lucky to find an already sticked together one only for 10 euros. As it turned out, the guy who built the kit did a rather sloppy job, the part edges didn’t fit at all and some landing gears were broken. But after some thinking I’ve decided to use it anyway, giving a quick painting job to it and putting farther away in the background.


The fugures were as usual a messy mix of manifacturers with a strong rate of Alpha Forge figures (being OOP as well).From left to right – Colony 87 porter Kay Dee; Colony 87 Wandering Alexei, on a pilgrimage between the  stars;  Reaper 50328 Space Henchman; two Alpha Forge Salvage Crewmen


Imperial Battle Robot made by a fellow on Facebook, GW Skullz Adeptus Mechanicus Servitor, another Imperial Battle Robot.


And here we go with three of the Alpha Forge droids (OOP as well)


The rest of the figures on the picture were painted years ago and you can see some close-ups of them there – Alpha Forge Salvage Crew


Finally some pictures from the board with the scene:


sci_fi_landing_party_04 sci_fi_landing_party_05 sci_fi_landing_party_02 sci_fi_landing_party_09 sci_fi_landing_party_08 sci_fi_landing_party_07 sci_fi_landing_party_06 sci_fi_landing_party_10



Written by Alex


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