Last week at LPL I’ve brought a change into my usual choice of themes and tried it with a sci-fi setting. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of various sci-fi miniatures and LPL seemed to me to be a nice opportunity to get painted at least some of them. The beginning of the idea behind the scene were these eggs..


As you can see on the base of them, they have their origin in 2008, being special miniatures for Do Or Dice convention. Unfortunately I didn’t participate it being on a travel in a country far far away but my good friend Björn gave them to me afterward. Some weeks ago I’ve found them looking for ideas through my boxes and I’ve decided to use them for a of the LPL scenes. The next miniature I’ve thought of, was the traveling trader from Colony 87 first Kickstarter that I wanted to use as some sort of an scientist. The guy found the eggs on some distant planet and brought them into the civilisation know, scientific curiosity…At this point I had my idea for the scene, a Galaxy Council! I mean, these eggs..the representative of all races of the galaxy..that really is going to end very badly..

the_galaxy_council_15_colony_87_trader the_Galaxy_Council_00

Anyway, let’s have some pictures with manufacture references and first the Colony 87 miniatures, some of the best sci-fi miniatures out there. From left to right – travelling trader, female noble, noble, emmissary of the alien Amphiran race. There were two more miniatures inthe first Colony 87 wave, they will be making their appearance on these pages next week.


Now let’s have some Aliens (sorry, Xenos..). From left to right, the first one is from Black Scorpion, meanwhile OOP I believe, the second guy is the Pactmaster of Katapesh from Reaper and the third one is the Andromedan Vizier by Reaper as well


More Aliens. Alpha Forge Hydrissian Noble, Ollies Armies Psychic Scrunt and the old Citadel Genestealer Magus


Now some pure 40K stuff. GW Imperial Advisor (Master of Ordinance), and two GW Imperial Astropaths


More 40K. GW Skullz Adeptus Mechanicus Servitor, GW Inquisitor Acolyte, GW Witchhunter Crusader


That makes a total of 18 newly painted figures in my collection :) Now finally some close-ups of the scene:

the_galaxy_council_01 the_galaxy_council_02 the_galaxy_council_03 the_galaxy_council_04 the_galaxy_council_05 the_galaxy_council_08 the_galaxy_council_06


That’s it for today. See you next week.


Written by Alex