Last week at LPL I’ve decided to go with some pulpish stuff and created a scene with kinda military accent. I’ve used a wild mix of figures from different manufacturers like Copplestone, Great War Miniatures, Eureka, Pulp Figures, Lead Adventure Miniatures, Artizan and Westwind. One of the figures I even couldn’t identify (the guy with monocle, wearing blue uniform). As the name of the scene already told you, it’s placed somewhere in Germany, btw. there is no really a Hexenwald (Witch Forest) as far as I know. Some German officers are meeting with some military advisors and talking about some secret plans for whatever.

pulp_adventure_zum_hexenwald_0 pulp_adventure_zum_hexenwald_5 pulp_adventure_zum_hexenwald_3 pulp_adventure_zum_hexenwald_2

In the background you can see the LAM miniatures of Hammers (the guy with the dog and the baby, my LPL Round opponent) and Prof.Witchheimer (the guys with the mauser, me) meeting:)


And some plain background photos of the new miniatures newly painted for this scene:

Mysterious Military Advisors.

Manufacturers  from left ro right – Eureka, Pulp Figures, Unknown(?)


German military officers

Manufacturers  from left ro right – Copplestone, Great War Miniatures, Copplestone


Pilots (German in this scene)

Manufacturer – all three Copplestonecopplestone_high_adventure_pilots_1

And finally a photo of the figures previously painted and playng some secondary roles in this “movie”:

Some random guys

Manufacturers  from left ro right – Artizan Designs, Lead Adventure Miniatures (LAM), LAM, Westwind Productions


Written by Alex


Chris Schuetz

Beautiful work as always! Can I ask what paints you are using? Your figures always have a clean, smooth finish that I really like and your highlights and shadows blend really well.


Thanks, Chris! I use a lot of paints, currently mainly Citadel, Foundry and Vallejo. But also Army Painter (Inks), Scale Color (Metallics), MIG (rust effects).


Simply stunning Alex! Tremendous painting and superb set up. You’ve made me dig out my own unpaiinted BoB collection again.

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