When I saw these Eureka miniatures based on the art of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel, I immediately knew that I had to get them and that these would fit very nicely in Witchtown. So amazingly bizarre and quirky, they are really wonderful creations. The figures have been sculpted by Mick Darpa and there are more of them in the meantime, Eureka expanded the range with some further additions. And more are to come, apparently. I guess I will get a few of them later this year, you know, a city like Witchtown can’t have enough freaks..

They were easy and fun to paint. Originally the guy on the barrel (some kind of a king of whatever city/country/tribe)  shoud be pushed by the other guy.  I thought that sort of transportation can’t be very effective and I’ve added two Bruegelburg pigs to make it more plausible.

I wanted to have some sort of a carnival scene, the guys walking down the street and all the citizens looking at them. For that reason I’ve tried to put as much as possible of the citizens into the picture without hiding the main protagonists of the scene. I think it did work quite well. But now enough of words, let’s have some pictures:

witchtown_freaks_carnival_01 witchtown_freaks_carnival_18 witchtown_freaks_carnival_02 witchtown_freaks_carnival_06 witchtown_freaks_carnival_05 witchtown_freaks_carnival_04 witchtown_freaks_carnival_07


witchtown_freaks_carnival_09 witchtown_freaks_carnival_10 witchtown_freaks_carnival_11 witchtown_freaks_carnival_12 witchtown_freaks_carnival_08 witchtown_freaks_carnival_13 witchtown_freaks_carnival_14 witchtown_freaks_carnival_15 witchtown_freaks_carnival_16 witchtown_freaks_carnival_17 witchtown_freaks_carnival_20



Written by Alex



Wow! Absolutely amazing! Last year I’ve been to an exhibition in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nürnberg with ‘Monters’ beeing the topic. Most of the medieval books on show (if not actually illustrated by Hieronymus or Bruegel than at least influenced) contained scenes from hell which very much look like the pictures here. You’ve really captured that look and feel of those scenes.

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