For the third week of the LPL I’ve decided to go with some beastmen. They were waiting long enough for a paint job on my desk and I just was in the mood for some not-human miniatures. And I had a plan, I wanted to have something big and heavy in the middle of the scene and so I ordered that Bull Horned Gargoyle statue, it should look like an entrance into the deeper grounds of the dungeon and my Beastmen charging out of it. Preparing for the final photo I’ve almost gave up this original concept because of this picture. I loved it because of its dynamic but as not all the figures are moving and the Bull statue came out of the focus I’ve decided not to take it:


The figures are a wild bunch in this scene. The giant and the wild boar are from Reaper, the female leader is from Heresy, the Troll is from GW, the other minis are older Citadel figures. In this scene you also can see two other trolls behind of the giant, these are from RAFM, but they didn’t manage it into the final picture.



back_of_beyond_gw_stone_troll_01 back_of_beyond_stone_giant_reaper_03 back_of_beyond_stone_giant_reaper_01 back_of_beyond_stone_giant_reaper_02 back_of_beyond_beastmen_dungeon_battle_4 back_of_beyond_beastmen_dungeon_battle_2 back_of_beyond_beastmen_dungeon_battle_1 back_of_beyond_beastmen_dungeon_battle

And finally the final one!



Written by Alex



That’s a hell of a paint job again, Alex! That first pic is quite scary in a positive way. The way you mke your colours pop is sublime.

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