Another Sunday after another round of Lead Painters League and I’m going to show you more pictures of my recent entry there. This time we go back to Witchtown, my beloved city of the Blessed, a quirky bunch of huts and streets, populated by not less quirky people. This time I’m going to introduce you to Joker, the crime genius of Witchtown, and some of his henchmen. Joker is represented by a very nice figure by Guild of Harmony¬†and is a prefect Fantsy joker, evil, twisted and just cool.


Every good scene needs (if possible) something small and this time I’ve assigned this role to this lovely little halfling (Marauder? Citadel? no idea..).


Now some though guys, Marauder Landsknecht ogres:


Another Marauder ogre and Foundry Great Orcs (by Kev Adams)

joker_comes_to_witchtown_2 joker_comes_to_witchtown_3

And the LPL entry picture:


Just to give you some views of the bridge (lovely painted by Jan Gross (Lt.Hazel) for me):

joker_comes_to_witchtown_6 witchtown_on_the_bridge_1 witchtown_on_the_bridge_2

And finally some photos of the figures without all that background:

witchtown_joker_1 witchtown_joker_2 witchtown_joker_ogres_1 witchtown_joker_ogres_2 witchtown_joker_foundry_great_orcs_1 witchtown_joker_foundry_great_orcs_2

That’s all for today, thanks for visiting me and I see you next week, in the dungeon..



Written by Alex


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