It’s been a long time again since the last update, truly sorry for that. But believe me I was painting all the time very hard on a lot of themes. As you maybe have noticed, over there on Lead Adventure Forum the Lead Painters League started again, the Season 10, actually an Aniversary. So I have stopped posting everything for a while and did workon the entries for this competitionin¬† the last a few months . And now after the Round 1 being over, I can show you my first entry “On the market”. A bit of a wild mixed bunch of Arabian and Indian citizens, manufactured by Perry brothers and Eureka. 23 newly painted figures, I don’t think I ever managed to paint so much for an LPL entry, although the miniatures were very easy to paint and I didn’t care much about freehands (unfortunately..) but you know, that’s the point, what are you going to do with the miniatures and how many time are you ready to spend on painting them. I wanted a lot of people on the picture, hence I had to give any fancy clothings and go for a more easier version.

Anyway, here we go..

arabic_world_market_04 arabic_world_market_12 arabic_world_market_09 arabic_world_market_08 arabic_world_market_07 arabic_world_market_06 arabic_world_market_05 _perry arabic_world_market_2_perry arabic_world_market_3_eureka arabic_world_market_4_eureka arabic_world_market_5_eureka arabic_world_market_03 arabic_world_market_02

And that’s all for today. Next week my second LPL entry, Joker comes to Witchtown..


Written by Alex



That’s some truly outstanding painting on display here! You made more than up for the lack of freehands by your eclectic choice of colours.

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