Another Sunday and another photo shooting session for my Africa table. After last update I’ve been asked how I do achieve that the terrain looks that good and almost realistic. Honestly, I have no easy answer. First of all, of course, you need some top notch terrain and the most of the terrain credits here are going to my friends (Grimm, Ben, Chris and others), they did the most part. Then I can assure you, making photos like these is always hard work. Maybe that’s only me but I need hours for results looking as nice as that. One of the biggest issues is the bases of the figures and the terrain parts, they make pictures looking exactly that, some playing stuff put together and that doesn’t work for me because I want an illusion, I want a picture looking almost real. So you have to trick a lot, moving figures and terrain parts , putting all sorts of stuff, like gras, plants and so on till you don’t see maybe not all of them but a at least a big part. And I thinks it’s always worth the efforts. Just try it. And one day, perhaps, I will find some time and write a tutorial on that.

Now back to Africa. The first scene is re-creation of one of my older LPL entries, I guess even the first season of the LPL. The miniature of the king is from Reaper Miniatures and made by Bob Olley, astonishing piece of amazing sculpting work. As far as I know I never posted the pictures of him outside of that one LPL round. So today, many years later, here we go again, with the Savage King, his retinue and some bold adventurers meeting him.

Savage_King_01_1000px Savage_King_03_1000px Savage_King_04_1000px

Next one is a piece never properly presented as far as  I know, the Askari cannon. Painted on a business travel, in  a far away country, where I had to work for a while and my only compensation for that were the random painting hours. Very characterful miniatures!

Askari_Cannon_02_1000px Askari_Cannon_01_1000px

And that’s all for today. Next week I’ll be back again with an update. So don’t be too long!

Written by Alex



Truly wonderful photos! The atmosphere is incredible. I guess I will need to get a new camera. Those crisp and clear photos are really impressive.


Cheers, Cianty! Welcome to my blog :) The camera is nothing fancy btw, a Samsung from Media Markt, not expensive. The light is the key, I#ve got a room with lots of ceiling LEDs and white walls, that#s a perfekt room for photography

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