Some weeks ago, the guys from the Studio Tomahawk asked me for some Africa scenery pictures for their coming rule set Congo, so of course I was happy to be of help and also to have the opportunity to make finally some proper photos of my Africa collection. Over the years I’ve painted  lofs of Africa stuff but the most of the figures weren’t properly photographed and presented, lingering in the deep of the WIP blogs, LAF forum or the memory card of my phone. Anyway, now I’m working my way through the bunch of pictures I’ve made yesterday and I’d like to show you some of them.

First the African village. Like mentioned, the most of the miniatures were painted many years ago, bu for many of them it’s the first public appearance.African_village_05_1000pxLove these drums and that idol, got them both from Monolith Designs about 10 years ago

African_village_04_1000px African_village_03_1000px African_village_01_1000px

The second scenery should depict a classical European adventuring party, struggling through the jungles of Congo. Of course I had to take one of all-time my favorit figures, the Allain Quartermaine, made by Mark Copplestone.

Quartermaine_Expedition_01_1000px Quartermaine_Expedition_05_1000px Quartermaine_Expedition_04_1000px Quartermaine_Expedition_02_1000px

That’s for today, more next time. The drums are just telling me of a Savage King and his witches..

Written by Alex


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