Clearing backlog today and presenting some miniatures painted last spring for the Lead Painters League, some Baluchi/Arab Slavers. I also wanted to use the opportunity and to make photos of other older Africa stuff, scattered through the various forums and blogs and never photographed properly. But first let’s have a look at the LPL entry picture. The idea was to have kind of perspective view and to place some of the figures out of focus for the purpose of creating spatial depth. It did work quite nicely, I think:


here then some more pics of the slavers, or actuallly figures painted for this round:

colonial_africa_slavers_1 colonial_africa_slavers_2

The Ruga-Ruga supporting the slavers have been painted for another LPL (no idea which one, years ago) :

colonial_africa_ruga_ruga_1 colonial_africa_ruga_ruga_2 colonial_africa_ruga_ruga_3

The slaves are a wild bunch of several paint sessions done over the years for various purposes and combining several painting techniques I’ve tried on the figures with darker skin. Surprisingly they fit together quite well..

colonial_africa_slave_caravan_1 colonial_africa_slave_caravan_2 colonial_africa_slave_caravan_3



Written by Alex



That’s some mighty fine painting work! I especially like the slaves as the brown of their skins works nicely with their coloirful tunics.

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