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Bad luck or old boy reunion

You know, being a Roman emperor wasn’t easy at all, it was a deadly job most the time. But Emperor Valerian did beat them all, becoming the guy who had been captured by Sassanian king Shapur ¬†after the defeat by Edessa. We don’t know exactly what happened to him afterwards, but he never returned back… Read more »

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Sassanids or anoter heat wave over the country of Suebi

I tell you, when it’s that hot outside like it was today you better ¬†going to paint Sassanids, no idea why but that works, at least to me. I’m very happy that I’ve finished these, it was an important step on the road where the good guys are all going and painting up all the… Read more »

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Sassanids and the heat outside

Still trying to paint all the miniatures I’ve purchased this year, above all my beloved Aventine ones. Now it’s the turn of the Sassanian guys. These Persians aren’t easy to paint at all as you need a lot of colors and you have to cover countless little details. Though afterwards it’s a very satisfying feeling… Read more »

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Valerian, Captive Emperor, 260 AD

captive by Shapur I after the Battle of Edessa. Manufactured by Aventine Miniatures. Part of the command set, I’ll post a group shot as soon finished.

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Sassanian General finished!

An Aventine figure, like said my first painted Sassanid ever. It was a fun to paint up him, though I’m not quite happy how he turned out, looks like I need some more experience with them. btw, I was told Sassanian would be the more proper historical term not Sassanid so now I’m using both… Read more »

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Sassanid general on the desk (WIP)

First time I’m painting something of Sassanids , never had or did anything of them. But making my last order at Aventine I couldn’t withstand and bought that one lovely command pack and here we go. Far from finishing yet, very WIP, still puzzling what colours to use.