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275 BC, Romans on an elephant, a triumph in Rome

“The elephant is the largest of them all, and in intelligence approaches the nearest to man. It understands the language of its country, it obeys commands, and it remembers all the duties which it has been taught. It is sensible alike of the pleasures of love and glory, and, to a degree that is rare… Read more »

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Marcus Claudius Marcellus, Summer 212 BC, Siege of Syracuse

Roman republican general, manufactured by Aventine Miniatures. Just have to love that face, has been a great fun to paint. My first intention was to make Gaius Marius out of him as I found his face looks just like Marius’ face but I couldn’t imagine Marius would walk around with that sort of helmet. So… Read more »

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Decimus Papius, Roman Lictor

Now a bodyguard for my republican Roman general. Still have to paint him though. Manfactured by Aventine Miniatures.

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Vitus, the Roman Republican Patriot

And here comes Vitus, Roman republican patriot! Aventine did a fantastic job on this figure giving to it a great deepness of heroic character, combined with a relatively easy sculpt. Top notch, guys, keep it up, we need more of figures like that one on the district of miniatures for Ancients.