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And the night came over the camp

Thanks to my mate Tilman for making this lovely Photoshop conversion of my Spartan battle camp photo. This is exactly the view what I’ve had in mind setting up this scene. Enjoy!

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Spartan Battle Camp

Another week with another LPL entry from the week before. This time a Spartan Battle Camp, based on the Wargames Foundry pack. I’ve added some other things from various manufacturers just to get some life into the red-cloaked gang. The original picture of my Lead Painters League entry (Round 7). The ruins are from an… Read more »

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Sparta. Not Spaaaartaaaaa.

Leonidas I, King of Sparta, 480 BC, Thermopylae. There a lot of miniatures depicting him out there and I’ve got some of them. This one doesn’t look that heroical but honestly meanwhile I’m sick of these nacked bodybuilders sculpted in the best Rackham Confrontation tradition, running or jumping and shouting, most likely “Spaaaartaaaaa!”. I think… Read more »

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Charge! It’s from Foundry Greek Peltast Characters pack, one of my favorites Greek sets there, containing not only some dollies but really eight different lovely miniatures.